UQ Science Students Society

  • 2024 Events Calendar

    Coming soon!

  • Science Careers Fair

    Science Careers Fair

    Featuring some of the biggest Science industry players from around Australia, the Science Careers Fair is a showcase of the incredible opportunities available in research, education, industry, and more.

  • BBQs


    Come along to our fortnightly BBQs at the Grassy Knoll and Priestley for a snag, a drink, or a chat.

  • Trivia Nights

    Trivia Nights

    Bring your friends or make new ones at our trivia nights, and battle it out for the ultimate prize – eternal glory! (and a UQU voucher.)

  • Lab Coat Pub Crawl

    Lab Coat Pub Crawl

    Held at the end of Semester 1, our Lab Coat Pub Crawl – now in its fifth year – is the most iconic event of the year.

  • Themed Pub Crawl

    Themed Pub Crawl

    From Minecraft to Star Wars to Monopoly, our annual themed pub crawl to close out Semester 2 is always a hit!